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Welcome to the Lighthouse Retreat Centre website

All of our events are now online. We are using an online service called Zoom to share and connect with you. Zoom, which is free for you to use, will allow you to be connected to us from your home via your computer, tablet or smart phone and with both video and voice. It's also simple to use; you connect with one click.

Click on the 'calendar' button to see alll our coming events (or look below for the most immediate ones). Then just click the Zoom link for the event you wish to attend and you will be taken to it. 

The - 'online resources and bookshop' link offers further information on how to stay connected.

Best wishes and let’s stay connected.

Situated by the sea, the Lighthouse Retreat Centre is an oasis of calm away from the tension and bustle of life. It is a place of learning that enables you to nourish the spiritual dimension of your life and reconnect with yourself. The centre offers one day and half day retreats as well as talks, seminars and courses on meditation, personal growth and spiritual development.

We invite you to retreat with us for just a few hours or even for a day. Slow down, take a break and nourish your inner life.

The Lighthouse Retreat Centre is administered by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University UK and, as a service to the community, charges no fees for any of its activities. It is funded by voluntary contributions.

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Invaluable Treasure

Time is an invaluable treasure. Therefore, instead of wasting it, take an instant decision and use time in a worthwhile way.